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Player Evaluations & Draft

Evaluations will take place at Sodequist Field, at 1100 Flower St.  Please see below for the dates and times.

Please check this web site 2 hours before evaluations for rainout information.

All players age 10-12 must participate in at least 2 evaluations to be eligible to play.  Board approval must be given for any deviance from this rule.  All players 6-9 must participate in at least 1 evaluation.  For any questions regarding participation rules, please contact our player agent.

6 - 12 Year Old Player Evaluation Dates

Monday, January 30, 2023

9/10 Year Olds5:00 PM
11/12 Year Olds6:30 PM

Thursday,  February 2, 2023

9/10 Year Olds  5:00 PM
11/12 Year Olds 6:30 PM

Saturday, February 4, 2023

11/12 Year Olds9:00 AM
9/10 Year Olds10:15 AM
6/7/8 Year Olds11:30 AM

What to bring

Each player should bring their fielder's mitt, not a catcher's mitt or first baseman's mitt! Bats are optional, and will be provided if a player doesn’t bring their own. If a player has his own batting helmet they can bring that, too, otherwise one will be provided.  All equipment should be labeled with player’s name and phone number.

What to wear

Dress the same as you would for a baseball practice: cleats if you have them, tee shirt or sweatshirt, baseball pants or sweatpants. Leave the jewelry behind.

How it works

The players will be evaluated in several baseball skills. Formal evaluations are conducted by a Major Division managers and TNLL volunteers, who will rate each player in each skill. These ratings are used to help determine the proper team placement for each player, as well as the Major Division draft.

The players are rotated through several skill stations.

Batting - Each player is given five swings at the plate against a machine pitcher. They are evaluated based on how well they swing the bat and their technique (swing mechanics), how well they hit the ball (contact), and how hard / how far they hit the ball (power).

Fielding - Each player will field ground balls, and later, pop flies. While the player's success in catching the ball is factored in, the evaluators are mainly looking at the player's form, technique, and footwork (fielding mechanics) to come up with a ground ball rating and a fly ball rating. They are also assigned a throwing rating, which includes their throwing accuracy, throwing mechanics, and release (how quickly they get in position to throw and get rid of the ball after fielding it). The throwing rating and pitching rating are distinct, which allows us to differentiate between a player who doesn't throw well and one who does throw well but has either not learned how to pitch or lacks pitching experience.

How to make a good impression on the coaches

  • If at all possible, make it to your assigned player evaluation on time. The coaches have set aside a good chunk of their day(s) to watch your child.

  • Follow the directions of the volunteer running the drill station. Coaches also love players who listen and follow directions!

  • Have your child come prepared and dressed appropriately. Nothing screams, "Rookie!" like showing up to a player evaluation in jeans and a flannel shirt, or going through the fielding station with a catcher's mitt!

  • Practice, practice, practice! Most players put the bat and mitt away after the season ended and won't take it out again until evaluations. Mistake! Get out there the weekend before and take some light batting practice and throw the ball around, no matter how cold it is. Or at least visit a batting cage. Shake the rust off so when evals come, the coaches will see "the real you".

  • Most importantly, HAVE FUN! Let the coaches see what a great kid you are and how much you love the game. SMILE! RUN to and from your position at the fielding station. If you make a mistake, shake it off, grit your teeth, and give it another try. Make it clear you love the game and you're ready to learn. Most coaches would rather have a player with average skills and a great attitude than a player with very good skills and a poor attitude. 

Major Division Draft

The draft will be held in February.

Junior Division Player Evaluations

Player evaluations will be late March, beginning of May as soon as high school regular season ends. We will be in touch with you via email and through our social media accounts. If there is a rainout, we will also hold evaluations on another day.

Senior Division Player Evaluations

Evaluations will be late March, beginning of May as soon as high school regular season ends. We will be in touch with you via email and through our social media accounts. If there is a rainout, we will also hold evaluations on another day.

Player Drafts

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