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Any candidate who will attain the age of 6 years before September 1, and who will not attain the age of 9 before September 1st shall be eligible to compete in the AA Minor League Division


There is no “on-deck” hitter from LL majors down.  All players must stay inside the dugout until their turn to bat.

No player in the Little League majors, AAA, or AA divisions shall have a bat in their hand until they are ready to go up to home plate to bat.  Players may not stand in the dugout with a bat in their hand.


AA managers will be responsible to umpire their own games.


AA will be machine pitch.  A maximum of five (5) pitches will be delivered to each batter.  (Five pitches & the at-bat is finished, not five (5) swings).  A batter is “out” when they are unable to hit a ball fair within the 5-pitch limit.  Each manager shall designate an adult to feed the pitching machine while their team is at bat. This adult shall perform the duties of umpire for that half inning. If a batted or thrown ball hits either the pitching machine/generator or operator/umpire it is a fair ball and shall be played as such. If the pitching machine is inoperable or unavailable, then AA will use the “coach pitch” method for that game. There is no balk/illegal pitch rule in the AA & AAA division.


Stealing of all bases except home is permitted.  Once a batted ball is returned to the infield, runner may only advance one base.  If a runner steals 2nd or 3rd base, they cannot advance on an overthrow.


AA teams may use 10 players on defense.  The 10th defensive player shall only be used as a fourth outfielder.


No new inning will start after one hour and thirty minutes.  No new inning may start after 10:00 p.m.


There will be no first place trophies at the AA League level.  All AA players will receive an award to recognize the accomplishment of playing a team sport.  This award will be awarded during the league championships at the end of the season.

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