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Any candidate who will attain the age of 9 years before September 1 and who will not attain age 13 before May 1st shall be eligible to compete in the AAA Minor League Division (Draft requirements apply).  A waiver of Regulation V (a) must have been obtained to allow any 12 year old to play in this league, in accordance with Little League International regulations.


There is no “on-deck” hitter from LL majors down.  All players must stay inside the dugout until their turn to bat.

No player in the Little League majors, AAA, or AA divisions shall have a bat in their hand until they are ready to go up to home plate to bat.  Players may not stand in the dugout with a bat in their hand.


AAA will be player pitch.  12 year olds are not eligible to pitch in this division. Little League pitch count rules shall be followed.  Managers and League Officials shall maintain pitching records throughout the season.  There is no balk/illegal pitch rule in the AAA division.

Any player, who has played the position of catcher in four (4) or more innings in a game, is not eligible to pitch on that calendar day.

A pitcher who delivers 41 or more pitches in a game cannot play the position of catcher for the remainder of that day.


If the pitching or catching regulation is not followed, the following penalty shall also be imposed:

  • First Offense – Manager receives written warning and said pitcher and/or catcher will not be able to pitch/catch in the next eligible/physical game played.
  • Second Offense – Manager suspended from the next physical game and said pitcher and/or catcher will not be able to pitch/catch in the next eligible/physical game played.
  • Third Offense – Manager suspended for the remainder of the season and said pitcher and/or catcher will not be able to pitch/catch the next eligible/physical game played.

Note: if any of the violations is determined to have been intentional, the Board of Directors may assess a more severe penalty.  However, forfeiture of a game may not be invoked


Any player warming up the pitcher must be wearing a cup and a mask with a dangling throat guard.  Any player warming up an outfielder must wear a batting helmet.  Managers and coaches are not permitted to warm up players at any time (Per Regulation XIV (f) of the Little League Rules and Regulations).  This includes any warm up period on the field at any location.  Player must wear catcher’s mask during any type of pregame warm ups when a player is used to catch for the Manager or coach.

Penalty: The first incident will constitute a warning to the manager.  A second incident will result in the manager’s ejection from the game.


AAA managers and coaches will be scheduled to umpire games as needed by the League UIC.

Umpires will be directed to begin play at the scheduled time.  In an effort to speed up the game, the umpire will observe the “1 minute rule” between innings.

Only the manager, or designee, will be recognized by the umpire in the event of a dispute.  The manager, or designee, must obtain permission to discuss a possible violation of the rules.  Arguing an umpire’s judgment will result in the manager being ejected from the game and serving a one game suspension.


Stealing of all bases is permitted.


No new inning will start after one hour and thirty minutes.  No new inning may start after 10:00 p.m.


The AAA League champion will receive trophies, and will represent the league in the City Championships and TOC.  The AAA Champion will be decided by the winners of the first half playing the winners of the second half.  To determine the winners of each half will be based on record.  If there is a tied record, then head-to-head record will be the first tiebreaker, and if there is still a tie, there will be a playoff game.


The HOME team scorekeeper will maintain the Official Scorebook of the game.  When playing at Soderquist, the scorekeeper must be in the press box.  The Official Scorekeeper must be stationed in the press box behind the home plate area if the field has one available.  If the field has no press box then they must be stationed in the stands nearest the plate umpire.  The Official Scorekeeper is not permitted in the dugout or on the field.  Pitch counts shall be kept by this scorekeeper.  This scorekeeper shall advise the umpire of the score and pitch count at the end of each inning.  The team manager is responsible for knowing the pitch count for their respective pitchers.


All divisions have a mandatory play rule.  All players must play six consecutive defensive outs and bat one time before the starter can return to the game.  Only the starter may re-enter the game in the Major, Intermediate, Junior or Senior League.  Please see clarification of Continuous Batting Order (CBO) for AA/AAA in AA/AAA Minors section of ground rules.  PENALTY: See section IV (i) of the Little League rulebook.


The manager or designee must sign the game cards and pitching eligibility forms at the conclusion of each game.

NOTE:  Failure to sign the game cards and pitching eligibility forms will result in each pitcher appearing in the game to be charged with the maximum pitch count per game.  The managers or team representatives’ signature indicates that the lineup card is correct, and shows an accurate representation of the game.  This lineup card will be used to determine if players have played the minimum time, if pitchers have pitched the correct amount and if catchers have not pitched after catching four or more innings.


Only the manager and two adult coaches will be permitted in the dugout with the players.  Managers and coaches must have been approved by the Board of Directors.  All managers and coaches who are not functioning as base coaches will remain inside the dugout.  There must be at least one adult in the dugout at all times.  A player in uniform may be used as a base coach, provided he/she is wearing a batting helmet.  Two adult base coaches are permitted at all levels provided one adult coach/manager is present in the dugout. No more than three adults can be in the dugout or on the field at anytime.

The manager shall hold his/her team responsible for the condition of the dugout area at the end of each game.  No sunflower seeds are permitted on the field.


No batboy or batgirl is permitted at any level.


The home team of the first game is responsible for the “opening” of the field.  This includes unlocking of the field, bathrooms, dugouts, and score booth.  In addition, it includes putting out the banners on the outfield fence, the trashcans and the bases.

The home team of the last game of the night is responsible of locking up of the above items, and for putting away the above items.  This includes dumping the trashcans and relining them.  In addition, an adult from the home team must stay with those in the concession stand that are closing in order to ensure the safety of all.  Additionally, if the game has ended early, please call the president of the league (or designated persons) to have the lights turned off.

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