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Turlock National Little League

Player Safety

The safety of players and anyone that attends a Turlock National Little League event is top priority. It is important to understand that safety is "everyone's job". Prevention is the key to keeping accidents to a minimum.  Players should wear Little League-approved helmets and other equipment to keep them safe while playing.  Little League requires our batters to wear helmets that meet National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) specifications and bear the NOCSAE stamp.  More information about helmet requirements and helmet attachment requirements

Little League Child Protection Program

In accordance with Little Leagues' Child Protection Program, all leagues (including Turlock National Little League) are required  to conduct background checks on managers, coaches, board of directors members and any other persons, volunteers or hired workers, who provide regular service to the league and/or have repetitive access to, or contact with, players or teams. Individuals are also required to complete and submit a Little League Volunteer Application to their local league. Select from the links below to learn more about this vital aspect of Little League’s mission.


Turlock National Little League is committed to providing a fun, safe, quality experience for all of the players, coaches, umpires, volunteers and families that participate in our league.

  • Any accident/incident involving a player, manager, coach, umpire, volunteer or spectator that leads to medical treatment and/or first aid, should be reported to the league Safety Officer within 24 hours.  [email protected]
  • ALL incidents that have caused harm or could potentially cause harm to a player, manager, coach, umpire, volunteer or spectator need to be reported on an Incident Tracking Form and turned in to the Safety Officer ASAP.  The Incident tracking form is a way for us to keep a record and report safety hazards that may be contributing to injuries.
  • If an accident occurs that requires medical treatment, the coach, player’s parent/guardian and the league's safety officer need to complete an Accident Notification Form and forward it to Little League International within 20 days of the accident.  Instructions for filling out an Accident Notification Form can be found here.  Additional information about "What Parents Should Know About Little League Insurance"can be found here.

**Any player who sustains an injury that requires professional medical care must have a written note from their medical professional stating when they are allowed to return to regular baseball/softball practices and games.  Players will not be allowed to participate in TNLL activities until such note is turned in to the Safety Officer.

Ten Important Safety Rules to Observe

  1. Be alert
  2. Check fields for safety hazards
  3. Wear proper equipment  
  4. Make sure equipment is in good shape  
  5. Ensure that First Aid is available  
  6. Maintain control of the situation  
  7. Maintain discipline  
  8. Safety is a team sport  
  9. Be organized   
  10. Have Fun!!!

Safety Tips for Parents

  • Please bring your cell phone to games or practice.  
  • Promptly pick up your child from practice and games. 
  • Make sure the coach has your current contact information. 
  • On very hot summer days, make sure that both you and your child drink plenty of liquids. Bring extra water to practices and games. 
  • During the hot Turlock days of summer, wear sunscreen and a hat or sunglasses. 

Safety Gear for Players

  • Properly fitted rubber soled cleats 
  • Baseball Cap
  • Batting Helmet
  • REMOVE ALL JEWELRY- under Little League rules, only medical bracelets are permitted
  • Sunscreen: In warm/hot weather, please encourage children to wear sunscreen.
  • Bottle of water, Bring extra water for hot days.

Safety Gear for Catchers

  • Catcher's mitt 
  • Catcher’s helmet (hockey style or traditional - - hard skull caps as worn by some MLB players are not permitted) Face Mask Throat Protector Long-style Chest Protector w/ crotch guardCatcher’s Cup 
  • Face mask
  • Throat protector
  • Long-style chest protector w/ crotch guard
  • Catcher's cup
  • Shin Guards


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