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Player Draft


  1. All Players age 10 thru 16 years must participate in the appropriate Division evaluations.
  2. Any player who fails to attend 50% of the try-out evaluation sessions will forfeit league eligibility unless a written excuse is presented and a waiver is granted by a majority vote by the Board of Directors.


  1. Draft Order:  The team that wins the League championship in the prior year, drafts last.  The remaining teams’ draft in reverse order of last season’s overall record.  Teams with the same record will determine draft order according to head-to-head results.  The team with the most losses in head-to-head competition drafts first.  If head-to-head results do not break a tie, a coin flip will determine the draft order.
  2. Options: All options will be observed according to draft procedures outlined in the Little League Operating Manual.
  3. Draft Participants:  All Players NOT returning to a Major League, Junior League, or Senior League team are eligible for the draft unless the Board of Directors exercises their options to draft the entire league.  If the League options to redraft the entire division, all returning players, and players who have met the Draft requirements will then be eligible to be drafted.  The returning players must be drafted during the draft.  Only approved managers will be allowed to participate in the draft selections.


  1. Drafting onto the Major Little League Division will be for ages 10 through 12 only.  The Intermediate, Junior and Senior League will be of all players registered for that level.
  1. Prior to draft, the number of 12 year olds in the draft, plus the number of 12 year olds returning to the major teams will be averaged.  This sum (or quotient) will be the number of 12 year olds required to be on each major league team.
  2. The draft will be monitored to ensure that all 12 year olds will be drafted prior to close of draft.  In the event of Major league teams being reduced, the returning players from those teams must be drafted on to the remaining teams.  This will also be monitored to ensure that they are all drafted prior to the end of draft.
  3. When the numbers of the draft picks left are equal to the number of eligible 12 year olds and/or returning Major League players who are in the draft due to reduction of team(s), those players will then become the only eligible players to be drafted.
  4. All options will be taken in the draft according to the operating manual.



If for any reason, a returning player wants to change teams or a manager wishes to release a player, the following process will be followed:

  1. A written notice from the parents or manager must be submitted to the Player Agent.
  2. In the case of a parent request, the Player Agent shall notify the Manager of the team that the player wishes to leave the team.
  3. If this is the parent’s requestthe Manager of the team will decide if he wishes to release the playertrade the player, or retain the player on his team.
  4. If this is the manager’s request, the request must be made between the conclusion of 1 season and seven days prior to the evaluation period of the second season.
  5. The Player Agent will notify the League President and the Board of Directors of the parents and managers wishes.
  6. If the manager decided to release the player, and upon approval by the Board of Directors, that player shall be removed from the team roster and then go through the evaluation and draft process as previously noted.
  7. Once a decision is made, the Player Agent, acting for the League President will notify the player of the decision.

Trades:  If a returning player wishes to change teams, the following process will be followed:

  1. Steps A through D above will be followed.
  2. The manager decides to trade the player.
  3. Only players participating in the draft process are eligible to be traded.
  4. All trades will be final at the conclusion of the draft.
  5. The Player Agent will monitor any attempts by managers and parents to manipulate the draft system and thus create an imbalance in the league.
  6. Once a decision is made, the Player Agent, acting for the League President will notify the player of the decision

If for any reason a player refuses, or is unable to play for a  major league team;

  1. Notice must be given to the Player Agent by the manager within 24 hours.
  2. The Player Agent shall notify the League President and the Board of Directors.
  3. Upon approval of the Board of Directors, the Player Agent shall send a letter of release to the player and parents.
  4. The letter of release of player from major league team will contain the policy of refusal, which is once a player refuses to play for a major league team, that player will be frozen to the Minor leagues for the remainder of that season.
  5. The Player Agent and Manager have seven days from the time of notification to replace the player.  If the manager has not selected a replacement at the end of seven days, the Player Agent shall assign a player to the team.
  6. Failure of the manager to notify the Player Agent of a players' continued absence shall result in disciplinary action by the Board of Directors.  A continued absence is seven continuous days of missed practice or games, NOT seven practices and games.  Excused absence is medical, church and/or school related absence.  Players who have missed games and/or practices due to an injury cannot return to play without medical release.  Absence must still be reported and monitored by the Player Agent.  See Rule 17 of Ground Rules for All Levels.
  7. No players may be call-up in the final two weeks of the AAA schedule
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